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Official wikia for Akukino: Soul Hunters. This wikia may not be spoiler free and has all current information from what has been released in the series. Written by the creator Skarlet (pen name). Current versions of the story may be accessed here -

Development Process:

Akukino: Soul Hunters was originally meant to be a manga, but as of now it is only a novel. Akukino has been developing since August 11th 2014 and is still being developed to this day. Only the first couple of chapters will be released as well as the earliest characters. As of now, i don't want any major characters and plot to be released until the manga's development has reached the stage of publishing. Currently there are several writers helping me plan and write even though i am the main writer and everything goes past me first. The characters and plot will adjust and tweak until i finally find something that i am happy to produce. Thank you for taking time and reading about the development.

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